FMC PCB Design

My current project has been working on the PCB board for the FMC unit. Opencockpits used to sell one but no longer does, so I decided to create my own in DipTrace.

I used the included clear panel in the FMC Kit as my guide to laying out all the button locations and screw holes.  I also added in some pads for small SMD LEDs for backlighting.  Here’s a look at the 3D render from DipTrace.


I’ve got my fingers crossed that I have the tracing down correctly for the key matrix.  I submitted the file for fabrication to EasyEDA last yesterday.  Will probably take about 2 weeks to arrive from China.

I normally use USA based for all my small PCB boards, but because of the size of this one I went with EasyEDA as it was waaaaaay cheaper ($20 for 5 board min vs $150+ for 3 min.)