This is the PCB board I created for my Opencockpits FMC Kit.  It includes a 6-pin 2.54mm header for the LED indicators.

There’s 37 solder pads for SMDs for backlighting, along with resistor pads.  It was designed for these SMD @ using 12v input.  This results in using 12 47ohm resistors (3 SMD per resistor) and 1 150 ohm resistor for the last SMD.  There’s a 2-pin 2.54mm header for power input.

The pushbutton pads were designed for these switches from Mouser.

I ordered mine from for about $50 for a minimum 5 copies shipped ($25 for boards and $25 for shipping).



I have some SIOC code available as well that’ll work with ProSim and the OCP4NGX:

*Please note that due to the number of pins on this design file, you will need DipTrace Lite to edit it.  You can obtain a free, non-profit copy of Diptrace Lite at