Came home today to a package at the door. Goodies!

I received my order of bits and pieces to use from my custom MIP panel.

Custom Indicators and boxes, knobs, 45 and 30 degree rotary switches, a rotary encoder, and some indicator PCB and connectors. Now that I have these in hand I can finalize the hole sizing in the MIP panel and then send the file off for miling in a day or two.

Here’s the indicators up close:

Since the ThrottleTek 737 throttle doesn’t have a parking brake light (just the handle), here’s a custom indicator I made for the MIP to show the status.  It’ll light up red when the parking brake is on.

Overhead Ordered

Today I ordered my overheard panels for the cockpit. Woohoo!   I ordered a kit from ProSimParts.

I originally wasn’t going to buy the Overhead parts until later in October at the earliest and I was also planning on going with the Simworld panels, but my Budget-Minded side took over.

The Simworld, one the best product lines out there I’ve heard, would have run almost $1,700 USD for their overheard panels with a frame, all switches, knobs, and indicators…. plus shipping.

ProSimParts on the other hand is only $672 USD for the panels, all switches, knobs, 7-segment displays, dzus screws and caps, nuts, bolts.  It doesn’t come with indicators but I’m told once ProSimParts has them ready they’ll send everyone who bought a panel a set for free.  It also doesn’t come with a frame but I’m hoping I’ll be able to build a suitable one for it.

And then on top of the low price ProSimParts is offering free shipping in September! I couldn’t pass up the deal.  It was almost $45 to ship the 3 little radio panels.  Can’t imagine how much I’m saving for this.

I’ve already received three radio panels from ProSimParts have they turned out great so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Overhead looks.


Welcome to my 737NGX blog.  I’m starting the process of putting together a 737 ‘Cockpit’ for Flight Simulator X at the house.  I put that in quotes as it will mostly need to be confined to table top/desk setup.  So no room size cockpit…. yet 🙂

Here’s a look at my current setup.

My plan is build out panels that can be used to eventually build a full size ‘pit if the space is available.

I’m currently flying with a PMDG 737NGX and already have a OpenCockpits MCP, and some ProSim Parts radio panels.  So I’m gonna build me a custom “mini” Main Instrument Panel to house most of the MIP Hardware/switches used in flight.  That setup should eventually look something like this: